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The piano playing programs below were created for kids, teens and adults respectively.  These books are coauthored by Debra Perez and Will Baily.  Will composed all of the original tunes in these books, orchestrated and recorded the CDs.  If you like Will Baily Piano Tunes, you'll like these books!
"Way Cool" Keyboarding!4Kids
(7-10 yrs)
"Way Cool" Keyboarding!
(Teens & Pre-teens)
Musical Moments
"Way Cool" Keyboarding 4 Kids piano program was developed for the 7 - 10 year old beginning piano student.  In this first experience playing and enjoying the piano, your "Way Cool" students will:
  • Learn to read music through a natural approach to music notation.  The logical sequencing of their new musical language will help create a feeling of ease for the process.
  • Enjoy playing chord charts in contemporary styles they are accustomed to hearing and singing.
  • Discover the joy found in playing duets and ensembles as they make music with others.
  • Play along with quality CD tracks that will inspire creativity and expressiveness.
  • Explore improvisation and the fun of creating their own songs.
  • Develop their listening skills through a variety of styles and orchestrations.

"Way Cool" Keyboarding is a new piano program designed to create a successful and motivating first experience at the piano.  This program:
  • will have each student playing from the first lesson.
  • introduces original music in contemporary, rock 'n roll, praise and worship and pop styles.
  • uses CD recordings and MIDI files to develop the students' listening skills and accelerate their learning.
  • provides ensemble experience that allows students the enjoyment found in making music with others.
  • encourages playing 'off the page' through realizing chord charts and experimenting with improvisation.
  • prepares students to play in musically satisfying venues like contemporary worship services and garage bands.

The Recreational Music Making movement is quickly spreading around our country as numerous people, just like you, are taking action to make music an improtant component of their daily lives.

Karl Bruhn and Barry Bittman, the forefathers of the Making Music and Wellness movement, define RMM as follows:
"Recreational Music Making refers to any form of music making that is not based on mastery of performance.  It encompasses enjoyable, accessible and fulfilling group or individual music-based activities that unite people of all ages regardless of their challenges, backgrounds, ethnicity, ability or prior experience.  From exercise, nurturing, social support, bonding and spirituality, to intellectual stimulation, heightened understanding and enhanced capacity to cope with life's challenges, the benefits of RMM extend far beyond music.  RMM ultimately affords unparalleled creative expression that unites our bodies, minds and spirits."

Our hope is that this will be the beginning of a lifelong love of making music at the piano for your students.  "Way Cool" Keyboarding 4 Kids was designed to create success for each student at every lesson.  So, enjoy the music, have fun and don't forget to sing!
May "Way Cool" Keyboarding be a program that encourages you to make music an important part of your life.  At any age, at any level, making music is good for you.
Our hope is that we have created a piano program that will allow you to play the piano in a stress-free, enjoyable environment.  May you have satisfying and enjoyable Musical Moments in your life.
Other books available from Will Baily:
Postcards from the Old West :
This collection is written with the intermediate student in mind. The six solos depict scenes from the Old West, including the landscape and lifestyle found in old and new times. Each piece is short and sounds more difficult than it is, thus making these original works highly motivating.

Piano Book
Level: Early Intermediate / Intermediate
Sailing at Sunset :
The peaceful feeling of a sunset sail is conveyed in this gently flowing piece for early intermediate piano ensemble---two pianos, four hands. Part II establishes the lightly rocking motion of a C major arpeggio in 4/4 meter while Part I plays the uplifting melody. Two copies are included. A Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selection.

Piano Duo Sheet (2 copies included)
Level: Early Intermediate